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Created in 2007 by a group of alternative health professionals, the Wellness Center offers a range of holistic services that take into account the physical, psychological and spiritual dimensions of the human being. Available as individual consultations or group workshops, the services foster self-knowledge and focus on helping each individual access and develop his/her own resources and self-healing skills.

Consultations in Jaffray, Fernie and Cranbrook. Please see practitioner's contact info below.


Francois Amigues

Francois Amigues, Manual Osteopathic Practitioner D.O., specializes in working with couples, pregnant women and newborns for over 17 years. Francois is president of the Canadian Association for Prenatal Education (CAPE). He lectures and teaches throughout Canada, the US, France and Russia.



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  • CRANBROOK Thursdays at Kootenay Health Center

  • JAFFRAY Mondays & Tuesdays at Ideal Wellness Center

Lubka Amigues

Lubka Amigues has an MA in psychology from the California Institute for Human Sciences. She works as a coach in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) since 2006, and she practices singing and movement for personal development. She teaches Paneurythmy during the summer retreats at IDEAL. Services in Jaffray, Cranbrook and Fernie.

Gael Darandovas discovered Bioenergy with Yann Lipnick. He is currently at the beginning of his training but can already free some blockages of negative energy which hinder the free circulation of vital energy. For Gael, Bioenergy is a path of liberation that leads to self- knowledge in our multiple dimensions.

Intuitive Readings help bring clarity, support and guidance for your questions on career, family, health, relationships or life purpose. Feather was certified with Doreen Virtue for her intuitive abilities in Gold Coast Australia in 2009. She worked internationally at four Healing Centers in Thailand, and one in Singapore from 2009 to 2014. Currently, she sees clients at White Feather Healing Arts Center in Windsor, Ontario, and locally at the Inside Out Wellness Center in Fernie, BC.

Contact: text or call (250) 464-4442

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Eliana Kirschbaum is a certified Breath Practitioner who studied at the Middendorf Breath Work Center in Germany and completed her training at the Institute for Breathexperience in California. She specializes in giving Breath Workshops and consultations with pregnant women and couples. Eliana obtained a Masters in Education from the University of Munich in Germany and has 30 years experience in the educational field teaching German, French, PE, Creative Play and Music to individuals and children of different ages in Germany and Canada. She currently offers her services in Fernie, Jaffray and Cranbrook.

Contact: text or call (250) 430-7965 email


Jesus Navarro is a practitioner in Electromagnetic Polar Balance & DFA - Somatic Pattern Recognition. He has been working in Spain and Canada since 1992 and offers his services in Jaffray. Jesus also works as a Judo instructor. Contact: (250) 919-3350

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Pierre Tremblay

Pierre Tremblay trained in Swedish massage and Specialized Kinesiology & Bodywork. He has been practicing Kinesiology "Touch for Health" and acupressure since 1997. Services in Jaffray and Cranbrook, and at the Baynes Lake Farmer's Market every Saturday during the summer.

Alexandre Velik

Alexandre Velik practices an energy channeling approach developed over the course of many years of study with Filipino healers. Using Filipino healing techniques, he intuitively detects imbalances and blockages in the energetic bodies, which often directly impact the physical body. By channeling healing energy, he frees the energetic bodies of negative energies. 

Contact: (250) 417-9643

Maria-Christina Warmenbol

Christina Warmenbol, Doula and Childbirth Mentor, is passionate about the beginnings of life. She lectures on prenatal life for Ideal Family, teaches childbirth classes and accompanies women who gave birth as a postpartum doula. As a therapist, through a blend of practices she helps you free yourself from emotional balast or the emotional roots of a physical problem to uncover the level of your true self. This is done by working on experiences dating from the pre-and perinatal period. 

Services in Cranbrook, Fernie and Jaffray. 

Contact: text 250-919-9233 tel. 250-429-3333



  • Osteopathy

  • Specialized kinesiology & bodywork

  • Energy work

  • Therapy of intra-uterine life

  • Doula services



Specialized osteopathy seminars for professionals and advanced students



Ideal Family hosts free monthly workshops on prenatal and post-natal health and well-being