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We believe that health is our greatest wealth and the token of our well-being. For this reason a space is reserved for the daily practice of various yogas and exercises to help us cultivate a state of physical and mental balance. This state translates into a general sense of well-being and a harmonious activity between the functions of our body, emotions and mind.

Special attention is paid to the food we eat, to the air we breathe and to the environment in which we live. But we also strive to be attentive to the quality of our inner life and to the thoughts and feelings that nourish our state of mind. In the quest for well-being, we learn to identify the nature of our various needs and the value we place on fulfilling these needs; we learn to prioritize these needs and make decisions based on the impact of these choices on our health and in our lives.

In the collectivity

  • Yogas

  • Brain gym

  • Breathing exercises

Wellness Center

  • Individual Care