Rendez-vous 2015. Pediatric osteopathy and interprofessional collaboration 

24-26 September 2015 in Montreal, QC. Held in conjunction with Osteopathie Quebec. On Sept. 24 Ideal Family presents a talk on osteopaths, obstetricians and midwives in interprofessional collaboration. View program. On Sept 25-26 Francois Amigues hosts workshops on the influence of epigenetics on pregnancy, the foetus and newborn, & on interprofessional collaboration in perinatality. Rendez-Vous 2015 is be the first world-scale event to gather health professionals and educators around the theme of pediatric osteopathy and inter-professional collaboration, while highlighting evidence-based data and osteopathic best practices.

2nd summit of Pre-and Perinatal Awareness

July 2015 in Toulouse, France. Ideal Family presents the evolution of the Charter during the year in a Workshop on particle method for fathers and/or professionals to better assist in the birthing process.

Osteopathy Open

14-15 June 2015 in St Petersbourg, Russia. Ideal Family presents an application of the 4 Pillars of the Charter for physicians and osteopaths, lecture and 2-day workshop, in the context of a perinatal medical symposium focused on paediatric osteopathy.

Early Years Conference

1-2 May 2015 in Kimberley, BC. Ideal Family presents a lecture on how to use the Charter to let emerge the best parenting potential from pregnancy to childhood. Follows a demonstration of practical techniques for the professional and the father to facilitate the birthing process.

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Kootenay Birthing Congress, 2nd Edition

10-11 April 2015 in Cranbrook, BC. The congress focuses on the work with women, couples and pregnancy presented at the 59th Commission on the Status of Women at the United Nations in March 2015. Includes updates on recent discoveries for professionals in perinatality. Open to pregnant women, parents, health professionals and educators, with lectures and round table on family planning and sexual education at school and at home. Ways to cultivate an inspiring parenting ideal in children and teenagers will be addressed in a musical atmosphere. PROGRAM & REGISTRATION

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59th Commission on the Status of Women

9-20 March 2015 at the United Nations Headquarters in NYC. Ideal Family teamed up with our Brazilian and American friends to participate in the CSW59 in honour of women all over the world. This event brought together international NGOs and government delegations to assess the progress and challenges facing the now 20 year old Beijing Platform for Action to improve the status of women.
Ideal Family did a radio show, participated in a panel discussion on conscious conception, pregnancy and birth, and presented the Convention on the importance of Life around Birth and the BIRTH CHARTER based on recent prenatal/perinatal research. http://www.unwomen.org/en/csw/csw59-2015

First International Conference on Pre and Perinatal Awareness

11-12 September 2014, Key Monastery (Spiti), Himashal Pradesh, India.

IDEAL partnered with the ALIVE AWAKENING Association in this perinatal summit which has a twofold objective:

- To establish a convention underlining the importance of attention to early life for the future of the individual, society and tomorrow's humanity. This convention is put forward by the French association ALIVE AWAKENING headed by Jean-Philippe Brebion. Participants were invited to sign it before its broadcast to the world through various networks. 

- To establish the founding pillars of an international  charter for the promotion and respect of attention to early life for the future of the individual, society and tomorrow's humanity. This charter is put forward by the I.D.E.A.L. SOCIETY and Tobeparent.com represented by Francois Amigues (view CHARTER). 

Dr Michel Odent was the event's scientific director, in partnership with Laura Uplinger and Carla Machado who bring their expertise to its successful future development. This event is the first step to bringing together the most committed international players in prenatal and perinatal care to inform the worldwide community of the importance of early life for the child's future and tomorrow's humanity.


Kootenay Birthing Congress

27-28 June 2014 at the Heritage Inn, Cranbrook, BC. This first Congress focusing on birth and early life includes updates on the latest prenatal, birthing and postpartum research. Click on adjacent poster to view more detailed program.


Ideal Family video series

Francois Amigues on improving pregnancy & birth

Kootenay Birthing Congress Intro. June 28, 2014 in Cranbrook, BC

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