IDEAL welcomes you on a 360 acre property in the heart of the Canadian Rockies. Our activity is focused on a small portion of this land surrounded by forests, rivers, meadows and hoodoos which change colors and moods with each passing season. Some of the activities we offer are free of charge. For more information about fees for services and activities, click on the links below or contact us!

Stay at IDEAL

We welcome everyone wishing to experience a collective lifestyle. Our daily activities vary depending on the season. We begin the day with a meditation, songs and a meal shared in silence. It is a moment when the members of the community meet before undertaking our different activities. In winter we extend these mornings by studying various topics of interest to our collective life.

You are welcome to sample a wide range of activities during the day depending on your skills, interests and the goals of your visit: cooking, baking, gardening, fruit and vegetable picking, caring for the animals, as well as various projects and activities offered in the context of IDEAL's educational vision. These include wellness techniques to help us improve our physical and psychological well-being, choir classes, theater, dance (paneurythmie) and workshops on topics relating to medicinal plants, astrology and the Tarot. During celebrations and at the time of the twelve first days of the year, residents and visitors share artistic presentations through song, storytelling, poetry and theater. In this friendly atmosphere, everyone's artistic expression is valued.   

Meals are vegetarian and may include fish, seafood, eggs from our free-range chickens and dairy. We offer a drug, alcohol and smoke free environment.  

Since 1993 IDEAL Society welcomed visitors from over 30 countries!

Getting here


By Air

Cranbrook, BC (Canadian Rockies International Airport), 45 min. drive

Calgary, Alberta (Calgary International Airport), 4 hrs drive

Kalispel, Montana (Glacier Park International Airport), 2 hrs drive

By Land

The Greyhound bus service stops in Jaffray from Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary or the US. In Calgary the Greyhound bus station is located at 850 16th St. SW. A bus leaves daily at 10:15pm (Calgary-Cranbrook), arriving at Jaffray at 4:55am. 

Please let us know if you would like a ride to/from the airport; fees apply.


Contact us to find out about the fees for a visit. If you wish to visit or have questions, write us through the CONTACT page. Welcome!