Every experience is an opportunity for discovery and learning. IDEAL is a school of life where the wealth of multicultural and inter-generational exchanges contributes to broadening the mind, where everyone is called in turn to play the role of educator and student according to their skills, and where nature holds a privileged place. Any activity can be experienced as a reflection of our inner life  through which we learn to better know ourselves and to develop harmonious relationships with others and the world around us.

We favor a process of self-education where qualities and virtues are cultivated in order to grow in consciousness and understanding of oneself. We can then communicate the knowledge we practiced and internalized not only verbally, but through our behaviour and example.  

Our vision of education applies to all ages. The activities and services we offer adapt to the place, context and people to whom they are addressed. One of our priorities is prenatal and perinatal education, which we develop through Ideal Family's services for couples and families. Arts education for children, adults and seniors is shared through summer camps, musical training and the educational activities of Ideal Tour. The activities integral to our community life illustrated in the educational model are open to everyone.

Education & collective life

IDEAL's educational model presents a holistic vision of the human being, and illustrates our philosophy of education. This working model fosters the development of individual qualities and an awareness of our responsibility within our community, society and the larger human family. These values contribute to the achievement of our goals in an ideal of fraternal life.


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Educational Services

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