Development projects for pregnant women & couples

IDEAL Society proudly hosts the registered charity Canadian Association for Prenatal Education (CAPE). In association with Ideal Family, CAPE provides educational services to pregnant women, couples & children in Jaffray, BC. CAPE is a partner of APPAH (Association For Prenatal & Perinatal Psychology & Health), and a member of the World Organization of Prenatal Education Associations.

CAPE's development projects include:

  • For the short term, a 50 foot yurt able to accommodate a larger number of pregnant couples for participation in prenatal educational workshops ($50,000 budget).

  • For the middle term, build

    • lodging to accommodate pregnant couples who wish to prepare for their child's birth in a healthy & nurturing environment.

    • a birthing center where mothers can give birth in a "home away from home" assisted by local midwives.

    • accommodations for new families wishing to rest and benefit from help & support during the postpartum period ($750,000 total budget).

  • For the long haul, CAPE plans to develop prenatal and perinatal centers throughout Canada, the Americas and internationally.

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Thank you for supporting our prenatal programs through our charity! All donations are fully tax-deductible when made in Canada.

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You can donate to CAPE through the CanadaHelps secure donations website. You will receive an official electronic tax receipt by email within minutes of making a donation.

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Registered Canadian Charity #

87971 0622 RR0001

We accept donations in the forms of cash or cheques made out to the Canadian Association for Prenatal Education.

We also gratefully welcome gifts of equipment, sharing of expertise and advice, or volunteering time at one of our events. Your support is much appreciated!

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