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• 4 days free after completing postgraduate course

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The osteopaths from the Wellness Center have been teaching post graduate courses for professional osteopaths and advanced students since 2011.  


François Amigues, Manual Osteopathic Practitioner D.O. with over 17 years experience, specializes in work with couples, pregnant women and newborns. He is the president of the Canadian Association for Prenatal Education (CAPE).

Cristallin Toullec, Manual Osteopathic Practitioner D.O., assists François during the seminars. A practicing osteopath since 2002, he also works as a life coach.

Osteopathic Cognitive Seminar

Summer retreat 19 to 22 July 2018

Instructors: Francois Amigues. This course is offered in French & English.

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Seminar references: Birth Charter

Family Osteopathy. Course No 1

This course covers topics relating to trans-generational and epigenetic harmonization, osteopathic readings of the innate and acquired biographical imprints, applied work for individuals, couples, fertility, pregnant women, birthing and newborns.

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Neurocognitive Osteopathy. Course No 2

From psychology to structure

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Energetic & postural osteopathy; muscular chains. Course No 3

Biodynamics of energetic circulation in the motion of our muscular chains

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All courses are by demand and take place at the IDEAL Society. Please check the Events Calendar for dates.


Languages: the courses are taught in English or French with simultaneous translation when needed.

Accommodation: for seminars at the IDEAL Society, on site lodging is possible (2 per room), including 3 meals.

See the Events Calendar for summer workshop dates in Jaffray.

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François & Cristallin

François & Cristallin

For information contact François Amigues


(250) 429 3332

Osteopathy seminar summer 2016

Osteopathy seminar summer 2016

Summer seminar in Jaffray

Summer seminar in Jaffray

Summer seminar in Jaffray

Summer seminar in Jaffray