Board of directors

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LUBKA AMIGUES holds a Masters in Psychology from the California Institute for Human Sciences, and a post master level in Neuro-Linguistic Programming. She works as a Life Coach and is a mother of two. She shares her love for the arts through singing, painting and Paneurythmy seminars.


GILLES HAINAULT is a composer, musician, teacher, and director of the Vera Choir and Instrumental Ensemble. He directed numerous choirs, conducted seminars and workshops in choral singing and developed IDEAL Society's musical program.


JOCELYNE LUGON is Swiss. She has a secretarial and management background, and she worked in the fields of education and pedagogy with students with special needs.


VIKTOR MOUCHET hails from Venezuela, where he worked in the financial world during 15 years prior to immigrating to Canada. He is involved in the areas of agriculture and education at IDEAL.


MILIANA PRELLA is a member of IDEAL since 2001. She is a nurse who worked in a hospital and in home-care with individuals from various backgrounds. She is part of IDEAL's welcoming committee and is active in the agricultural sector.


Management team

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FRANCOIS AMIGUES is an osteopath specializing in prenatal and family education. He is the head of Ideal Family and the director of the IDEAL Wellness Center.

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LAURENT LEONETTI worked as a Guardian of the Peace in the French National Police in Marseille. In 2005 he immigrated to Canada. He is active in IDEAL's infrastructure and construction sectors.