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Bio-energetic or shamanic care is a method of energy balancing which aims at restoring the circulation of vital energy in the body as well as the proper functioning of the self-healing faculties proper to each individual. Balancing is done by intuitive means, which can be defined as the extra-sensory capacity to apprehend invisible phenomena without the aid of a physical instrument. This method helps to determine the causes of problems by collaborating with the unknown capacities of the human body to heal itself. Energy balancing is a therapeutic method that relies on a holistic approach to the body. It principally consist in neutralizing or suppressing the negative energies that disrupt the etheric body, allowing vital energy to circulate freely by eliminating the causes of many natural problems present or old. Practitioner: Gael Darandovas


Breath Work

Breathexperience or Middendorf Breath work was developed by Ilse Middendorf in Germany and is today one of the leading somatic practices in Europe and around Berkeley, California. This practice develops the consciousness of allowing the breath to come and go on its own without the intervention of our will.

People come to breath classes because they want to reconnect with their own resources and bring balance and health into their lives. Breathexperience offers a path of integrating emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of one’s being.

Breathexperience is mostly taught in small groups. Students practice and experiment with a variety of different exercises to experience their ‘allowed breath’ in relation to the awareness of their body. Participants are taught either in a sitting or standing position. Breath work can also be experienced in an individual session called “breath dialog". Here the participant lies down on a table. The practitioner through their hands enters into a dialog with the breath of the client. Through this technique the client can experience his/her 'allowed breath' spreading throughout the body. This leads to immediate physical and emotional well being wherein the client feels very aware of peace moving throughout their body. Practitioner: Eliana Kirschbaum


Intuitive Readings

Intuitive Readings help bring clarity, support and guidance for your questions on career, family, health, relationships or life purpose. Practitioner: Feather


DFA Somatic Pattern Recognition

DFA is a type of bodywork that improves posture, recognizing old patterns and relieving body tensions and discomfort. Practitioner: Jesus Navarro. More on DFA & Somatic Pattern Recognition


Electromagnetic Polar Balance

EPB is a technique based on the laws of quantic physics used to balance the electric and magnetic polarities in the organism and to reestablish balance. Colored slides which work on the magnetic field of the person are used, giving specific information to the body so it can re-adapt, re-balance and re-organize itself to restore health. More on Electromagnetic Polar Balance. Practitioner: Jesus Navarro


Energetic care

Filipino healing techniques take into account the physical, psychological and spiritual dimensions of the human being. By channeling a healing energy, the practitioner acts upon the totality of the patient's energetic field, freeing the subtle bodies and centers of unwanted energies and thought forms. Practitioner: Alexandre Velik


Neuro Linguistic Programming

By understanding the structure of our subjective experiences, we can learn to create the life we want to live. Through deep analysis and fun exercises, we can gain insight into, sculpt, and modify the nature of our beliefs and behaviour. NLP is a technique which allows us to use our past experiences to transform the present. Practitioner: Lubka Amigues.



An encompassing system of medical care that emphasizes the role of the muscle-skeletal system in health and disease. It focuses on the interrelationship between structure and function in the body, facilitating the body’s ability to heal itself. Practitioners: Francois Amigues.


Specialized Kinesiology & Bodywork

A system of light-touch, muscle testing and balancing using principles of Chinese medicine, massage and energy work. Practitioner: Pierre Tremblay


Therapy of Intra-Uterine Life

This approach helps us explore our prenatal roots, enabling us to re-contact unconscious memories in a relaxed (alpha) state. This therapy helps us re-frame the often negative experiences we underwent as an unborn child and which influence our life on an unconscious level, in order to find a new balance in the present. Practitioner: Christina Warmenbol



Doula Services

Childbirth classes are based on Birthing From Within and prepare for birth on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

A doula offers non-medical, emotional support and care to the new mother and family. She helps the mother create a positive experience during pregnancy, birth and the postpartum period. DOULA: Christina Warmenbol


Ideal Family Events

Ideal Family hosts free events for pregnant women, mothers and young children. Practitioners from the Wellness Center offer free treatments in osteopathy, as well as tips and exercises to improve pregnancy and to prepare for birth.

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