Work Exchange Program

An immersive experience at IDEAL Society, this work exchange program is an opportunity to discover a collective lifestyle in an affordable way.

The program is structured around the sharing of experiences. Members of the community with various backgrounds and skills welcome people from all over the world and interact through a holistic form of education as it was developed by the founder of IDEAL, Natacha Kolesar, PhD.

Work, workshops, community and leisure activities form the core of the program. The setting is a francophone collective environment of approximately 50 members living on a 350 acres property in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of South-Eastern BC.

Through experiential learning and self discovery, students participate in a way of life that strives to anchor the vision of "humanity as one family" in the everyday.

The work-exchange program is open to Canadians or foreign nationals who hold a valid work visa for the duration of their stay at IDEAL.

Goals of the Program

  • Discovering a collective and spiritual lifestyle

  • Promoting an experience of personal transformation

  • Learning selfless service

  • Exploring one’s potential and possibly redirecting career choices

  • Gaining social and community experience finding personal ways to share it in any community

Work Commitment in various fields

  • An average of 5-6 hours per day, 5.5 days a week

  • Cooking and kitchen cleanup once a week as a member of the community

  • 2 workshops of 2 to 3 hours per week (see below)

  • One free day

The Garden sector which requires the biggest work force includes planting, watering, weeding, harvesting, preserving. The Infrastructure sector represents wood working, plumbing, building and general maintenance.

General schedule of the day

  • Meditation at sunrise (optional)

  • Breathing exercises and movements (optional)

  • Morning gathering including singing, meditation and breakfast

  • Spiritual lecture or community presentation (optional)10:15 to 12:15

  • Working in your sector of activity

  • 12:30 to 1:30 Lunch

  • 1:30 to 5:30 Working in your sector of activity

  • 6pm dinner

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Programme en francais


Program coordinator: Francois Amigues


Working in the garden was a discovery and I appreciated spending time there every day. It brought me new knowledge and a stronger connection to nature. Moments spent gardening with the group of young people and others in the community were privileged spaces to create real and sincere exchanges.
Each young person should be able to live such experiences, taking time to explore oneself and deepen the knowledge of oneself, to live singular and precious moments, to discover talents, passions, interests and then go back into the world with useful keys for life.
— Alice, 25 years old, France
I found it a really rich experience to have access to so many high quality activities in such a variety of fields connected to the expansion of our being, the sharing of our understanding of different energies, different aspects of life with this level of spirituality that honours each one of our actions.
— Ludovic, 29 years old, Canada
I believe that humility, an open spirit and transparency are qualities emanating from the instructors at IDEAL. They embody their spirituality and share their knowledge with passion. They let themselves be inspired by a great idea of propelling their actions in the material world with kindness and love. I hold them in respect for maintaining their degree of consciousness with so much courage and gentle rigor while offering their “students” a rare and essential education.
— Joëlle, 26 years old, Canada
This experience changed my life. My stay at IDEAL gave meaning to my life, opened a million doors to interests and passions I did not know I had. I found answers to questions I had been asking myself for a long time. I believe this place is perfect for anyone with a quest for self-discovery, looking for more in life. Anyone who wishes to return to the foundations of life can experience community, grow one’s food, learn about spirituality, gardening… I have no words to express how important it has been for me to spend time at a place like IDEAL and open myself to the world and to nature…!
— Jonathan, 25 years old, Canada
My experience at IDEAL clearly brought about a personal transformation. I was able to express my potential at 110% and be myself. Meeting my real self enabled me to work on my flaws and to radically transform. Exploring my potential at IDEAL gave me the opportunity to discover the art of singing and helped me find my potential in various fields I wasn’t aware of.
— Quentin, 21 years old, Canada