Ideal Family was created to share knowledge about prenatal life and help foster the harmonious development of the child. Our main objective is to provide support to families through lectures, workshops and seminars encouraging:

• the growth and harmony of the couple & family unit

• the health and quality of the prenatal period

• a safe birth

• pedagogy for children and parents

Prenatal education offers practical applications in preventive health care and solutions to help alleviate many social challenges we face as a society. The education of the child can already begin during the prenatal period through nurturing attention from the parents, especially through the power of the mother's creative imagination. 

Services for Families

Ideal Family shares its programs through various venues locally, nationally and internationally.


• Understand how to support your unborn child

• Produce good pregnancy hormones through breath and sound

• Experience how to connect with your baby in the womb through intentional touch to expand his/her potential

• Learn osteopathic techniques and postures for childbirth and recovery

Contact François Amigues to take part in an event.


The knowledge my husband, my midwife and myself learned from the Ideal Family parenting workshop was practical and invaluable. Notably, we were able to encourage our baby to turn from posterior to anterior at 7 centimeters dilated. That, amongst other skills we learned, is something we all really wish we would have known for our first birth. My husband particularly appreciated the practical knowledge and despite feeling a little out of his element at first, very quickly came to highly regard the IDEAL. Family professionals and the expertise they had to offer. There is so much fear and negativity surrounding birth in our society. With the guidance of the Ideal Family professionals, we were able to be fully present and truly enjoy the birth of our daughter, even in moments of difficulty.

If you have the opportunity to take part in a workshop or wellness services offered, you will not be disappointed.
— Sharlynn Hill, Cranbrook, BC
Thank you for the healing influence you have brought to my life. Your knowledge and skill has improved my midwifery practice as well. I share your message of mother/baby/family connectedness and the importance of emotional health with every woman in my care. Thank you again!
— Leah Barlow, Midwife. Creston, BC

Thank you for supporting our work through the charity Canadian Association for Prenatal Education (CAPE). CAPE supports perinatal projects in Canada. It is part of OMAEP (World Organization of Prenatal Education Associations), an NGO affiliated with the United Nations. All donations are fully tax-deductible when made in Canada.

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