Natacha Kolesar
The quest for knowledge is integral to the evolution of mankind. In every era, civilizations and cultures discovered new realities by searching for, finding and working on aspects of the unknown. Without this drive to discover and acquire knowledge, human life would lose its meaning.
Knowledge is essential to human development just as air is vital to our lungs. Knowledge is the breath of evolution, pushing us forward on the path.

If we turn our gaze inward, self-knowledge offers infinite possibilities for exploration in our eternal quest for discovery.
— Natacha Kolesar

Video lectures by Natacha Kolesar

Self-knowledge & the microcosm are central themes addressed by Natacha Kolesar, founder of IDEAL, in this series of televised talks entitled Know Thyself. She shed light on such fundamental questions as our origins, our destiny and the meaning of life from a new angle. 

Know Thyself offers new perspectives on themes such as the soul, the triple nature of human beings, the different levels of consciousness, the future of mankind...

20 of the 39 original lectures televised in the 1980's in Quebec, are available in French through Vimeo. Translations in English will soon be available. A German translation is available here.

CONNAIS-TOI TOI-MÊME on YouTube (French)

Audio lectures

Audio lectures are available to order in CD format or as a download. Here are a few titles of talks given by Natacha Kolesar at the United Nations Headquarters in NYC and elsewhere in the world. Click on the title: 

Prenatal Education, hope for the future

Preconception: the importance of prenatal education

A new educational system  

Family values and education

Humanity as one organism

Health and the body

Health and emotions

The future of mankind: The different degrees of consciousness

 Downloadable audiobooks

Downloadable audiobooks