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• 1993, birth of the IDEAL Society community in Jaffray, BC, on a 360 acre property in the Canadian Rockies.

• 1996, IDEAL Society is incorporated as a not-for-profit Society under the provincial law of British Columbia, Canada.

• 2004, IDEAL Society receives the status of Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.

• 2005, IDEAL Society is recognized as a non-governmental organization associated with the Department of Public Information (DPI) at the United Nations.



• 2006, IDEAL School of Music & Arts is created to offer music lessons to individuals and groups.

• 2007, the Ideal Wellness Centre is established to provide services and seminars in alternative health.

Since 2012 Ideal Family is a branch of IDEAL dedicated to providing support to pregnant women and families through free workshops on prenatal and post-natal health and education.


IDEAL's administrative team consists of a Board of Directors and a group overseeing coordination and development.

IDEAL's permanent residents are the active members of the organization. The community provides an environment where each member is encouraged to develop and implement research projects according to his/her expertise and interests, for the development of IDEAL. See current projects.

Development Projects

IDEAL Society plans to pursue its goals by developing an eco-village with an architecture respectful of its environment, and integrating the use of renewable energies. This project aims to accommodate more people and offer visitors and residents an experience of collective life based on exchanges and values of a spiritual and humanitarian nature. The project will promote education, the arts and well-being. To support this project, please visit the Contribute page.