Propolis capsules

Propolis Capsules 5pk.jpg
Propolis Capsules 5pk.jpg

Propolis capsules


5 replacement cartridges for the Propolair propolis diffusers by Kontak. The disposable glass capsules last for up to 122hrs (5-6 days) and can be used in all PropolAir models. At the end of their cycle the capsule needs to be removed and substituted with a new one and the diffuser should be reset.

Contain 95% Italian Propolis and 5% Boswellia Serrata, a tropical plant well-known for its anti-inflammatory effects.

Made in Italy by Kontak

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IP-ROCO Quality Assurance/Certification Standards

What exactly is Propolis? Propolis is made from the resinous substances exuded by trees and other plants. These often sticky substances are used by the plants as a mechanism to protect the plants and their new young buds. This substance is collected by the honey bee. Once collected, the bees process the propolis into a beneficial product for the welfare of the beehive and the bees.

In a natural woodland the sun warms up the buds of plants and the volatile fraction of the sticky substance is spread in to the local environment providing a pleasant aroma within the woods. This pleasant atmosphere has become known for its therapeutic properties which is why Sanatoriums used to be built in wooded areas where people could benefit from the 'fresh air' thereby aiding their recovery and recuperation. 

KONTAK has developed and patented an innovative system that diffuses the volatile components of propolis into the environment. This system is the only one of its kind able to fully exploit the sanitising properties and the probiotic action of propolis into the air. 

KONTAK propolis is only sourced from unpolluted areas, far away from urban, industrial and nuclear pollution. It does not contain any heavy metals, pesticides or antibiotics. KONTAK combines its passion for propolis with a scientific approach, investing in research and development, and continuous collaboration with doctors and relevant specialists

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