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Ideal Tour

IDEAL Tour is an educational visit of IDEAL Society's agricultural grounds, tailored to groups of children from grades 2 to 7. Similar to a forest or wetland, a farm is an ecosystem where all the elements interact with each other and evolve under nature's guiding intelligence. Our eternal quest is to understand the extent of this intelligence. But our real challenge is to manage the farm's ecosystem, tending to its needs while caring for all the living beings, as nature does. Practical and playful interactive activities with bees, horses, goats, chickens, greenhouses and garden plants awaken and nourish children's relationship, awareness and care towards our environment. 

The tour includes a bee presentation, a demonstration beehive, beekeeping tools and bee products. Games take place in an outdoor amphitheater, where the children share their observations and feelings concerning what they have seen, learned and touched, helping them integrate their experience into a deeper understanding of our environment. The Tour includes a rhythm-based music class.

Activities last 20 minutes each. Food is not provided; everyone brings a lunch. This is a field trip and bussing is necessary. 


10am Introduction

10:30 Plant / Animal activities

12:00 Lunch

12:30 Bee presentation

1:45 Expression games

2:30 Conclusion

Curriculum Matches: Grade 2 Science; Grade 3 Science, Social Studies, Health and Career Education; Grade 4 Science; Grade 5 Science, Social Studies, Health and Career Education; Grade 6 Science, Social Studies, Health and Career Education; Grade 7 Science

To apply for a fee waiver, contact Sophia Hoffman at

Ideal Tour is grateful to the Columbia Basin Environmental Education Network for its support