Jaffray Elementary School, June 2013

Jaffray Elementary School, June 2013

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Bee house demo

Bee house demo

Honey Day

Honey Day is an educational program and an artistic presentation aiming to raise public awareness about bee species native to the East Kootenays. This performance includes a puppet show and introduces audiences to the major environmental issues relating to native and non-native bees and their key role in the food chain.

Yann Loranger with Sophia and Gabriel Hoffman travel to schools and provincial parks to perform for participants of all ages. Honey Day's objectives are:

• To introduce the audience to basic techniques for restoring and providing bee habitat such as wooden bee blocks and nests

• Encourage the planting of nectar-producing flora in our gardens

• Raise awareness about the negative impact of pesticides on bee populations

• Demonstrate the relationship between food chains/ecosystems and bee populations

• Raise awareness about the maintenance of bee blocks to prevent mite infestation throughout bee populations

• Highlight the role and responsibility of humans in relationship to ecosystem health, relating specifically to bee species.  

Audiences have the opportunity to touch, smell, see and taste various bee products such as propolis, pollen, beeswax and honey, while learning about the integral role bees play in food production and in keeping nature's precious balance for our survival.

Coordinator: Sophia Hoffman


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Honey Day is grateful to the  Columbia Basin Environmental Education Networkfor for its generous support